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Our truffles

A family tradition that continues

Our company’s history is the seam of our family’s history. Our family was a patriarchal family who lived through agriculture and cattle-breeding. Our grandparents managed business together. During the seventies the family company slowed down and the lands became woodland. Today we hunt for truffles in these woods. The truffles grow wild thanks to a particular microclimate and we process them to produce our products.

From our grandparents we inherited land, passion for earth, traditions and for our work.

Countries in which we export
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Continents in which we export

Our production chain

Guarantee and professionalism

tartufi I Tesori d'Abruzzo
  • Searching for truffles

    We cooperate with an expert group of truffle hunters who work on the region. They guarantee a continuous supply of fresh truffles.

  • Selection

    Fresh truffles are selected following maturity, round shape, size and integrity. Every selection has a definite use.

  • Conservation

    Our large certifications attest the reliability and guarantee our truffle’ s quality. Our modern equipments respected CE regulations.

  • Distribution

    Our professional sellers and wholesome products are the keys of our success to stand out among global markets.

Abruzzo is the green lung of Europe

In Abruzzo, nature is a protected resource.

There are one National Park, three regional parks and thirty wildlife reserves in Abruzzo. The natural system preserve one of the most important European’s biodiversity. The truffle is considered a Nature’s sentry because it grows only on optimal environmental conditions. If the natural conditions are not satisfactory truffle doesn’t grow up. It’s very important to protect truffle’s habitat, that we responsibly overwork lands.

From a point of view our region is still a wild place but it keeps precious treasures that we try to looking for with love and passion.

Skilled Seekers are responsables for truffle’s searching with trained dogs as a treasure hunt. In Abruzzo, we could search and pick up truffles in a lot of areas and every area has different features. Our region is rich of this precious tubers and exist 28 variety of truffle’s types.