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Excellence is

Passion, tradition and taste

Our company was born to know our region’s excellences. Etymology of appetite isn’t instinct but attraction, and for us that is the pull that keeps us coming back for more.
Since ancient times, truffle is the precious treasure of the cuisine. Abruzzo has a rich soil, where precious truffles bloom. I Tesori D’Abruzzo product’s are a perfect addition with main dishes, fish and meat.

If you appreciate truffles you have to taste our specialties!

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The precious ones



Our truffles

Passion for our land

Since days of old times, Truffle is the precious treasure of the earth. Truffle, knowed since Roman’s Age, is a hypogeal’s mushroom. It grows up with the roots of some plants, like oak or holm-oak. Truffles are composed by a external surface named peridium. This surface may be smooth or rough. The gleba in the internal part and its color changes according to maturity. The shape and the size depend of truffle’s type, climate and soil in which it grows.

A diamond in the kitchen

The jewel of Italian Food

Truffles are often called diamonds, and these diamonds are precious stones of Italian food. This type of gourmet food is distinguished by its intense smell. Truffle is the precious jewel and we can use a small quantity to enrich a lot of dishes, with its intense smell and delicate taste.

Abruzzo’s red gold

Precious things are natural in our habitat

Saffron is called L’Aquila’s Red Gold and it’s considered, perhaps, the best saffron in the world, thanks to its taste and intense aroma. Its organoleptic properties are: length of the stigmas, strong aromatic power, its colouring agent.

Our real passion

It’s born with us

Professional’s secrets are guarded and they are transferred from father  to his son . Truffle work is a particular work, it isn’t a walk in the woods. Although we spend our time finding these treasures there, it’s very important to train particular dogs which are necessary to discover truffles more easily.


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