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To produce black truffle’s butter we add to butter, black summer truffle and black truffle’s aroma. Sensory analysis is the most important to enjoy taste sensation. The products doesn’t have a contact with hands, because we have modern equipment’s, to respect European Community regulations.



At first, butter is produced in dairy, in L’Aquila’s area, the we put the product in a glass jar. The product doesn’t have a contact with hands, because we have modern equipments, according to European Community Regulation. This product has an excellent aftertaste of black truffle thanks to the infusion of butter with black truffle’s aroma. This product doesn’t contain preservatives, free for colouring agents and gluten free.

  • Cooking use: Appetizers, starters, main courses, dessert
  • Shelf-Life:  24 months
  • Conservation: Cool and dry place, once opened refrigerate
  • Packaging: 12 pieces- glass jar
  • Net weight: 140-500 gr


  • % Butter
  • % Black truffle
  • % Black truffle's aroma
  • % Salt

Organoleptic characteristics

Color Black and nuts shades
Taste Truffle
Appearance Solid

Nutritional values

Controlled parameters Average values ​​for 100 gr of product Unit of measure
Fats 83 g/100 g
– of which acids 58 g/100 g
Carbohydrates 1,1 g/100 g
– of which sugars 1,1 g/100 g
Protein 0,4 g/100 g
Salt 0,02 g/100 g