Charm, history and ancient origins

It is one of the small villages of our territory full of charm and history of ancient origins. The village is accessed by charming secular doors. It also belonged to the county of Celano and saw prominent prominent aristocratic families emblazoned who have honored and represented in an appropriate manner: Piccolomini, Berardi, Colonna, Acquaviva, Barberini, Sciarra, Acclozzamora. All the families that have been feudatories of Goriano Sicoli have owned the marvelous castle of the town, existing since the XI century, having more than a walled enclosure with watchtowers and watchtowers.

The Acclozzamora family, an extinct lineage at the end of the 15th century, is also present in the famous city of Sulmona and has had a noble residence in the historic center. It should be noted that on the Svevo aqueduct existing in Sulmona, a splendid setting of Piazza Garibaldi, once Piazza Maggiore, built during the Manfredi di Svevia period, with the money of the Sulmonese citizens, is the heraldic coat of arms of the Acclozzamora. This reality is explained by the fact that the genie was probably the creator of this remarkable architectural work. In Goriano there were other illustrious families such as Corsetti also present in Rome, Gentile whose branch existing in Goriano Sicoli died at the end of the seventeenth century, Mutiis whose noble teaching is present in a stately home inherent in the historical center, Di Pietro considered one of the genies among the most landowners. All the aristocratic families will honor and represent the Gorianese fiefdom throughout the Kingdom. Goriano Sicoli has had in history a flourishing production of fine wool that will allow him to have excellent business relationships.

There is a lot to visit: the new church of Santa Maria dating back to the 16th century, built on the ruins of the old manor, the sanctuary of Santa Gemma, the church of San Francesco, inside which there are valuable ecclesiastical historical-artistic value, the monumental fountain. There are also ruins of an ancient monastery belonging to the Poor Clares, created following a papal bull. Like any ancient and fascinating village the culinary art is not lacking and in Goriano Sicoli we can taste excellent courses such as sagne, made with water and flour to taste together with lamb, beans, cheeses such as pecorino produced according to the archaic traditions of processing, honey, donuts, wines, truffles. Do not forget the very important production of saffron very famous and appreciated.

The secular religious traditions are as fascinating as the evocative ceremony of celebrations in honor of Saint Gemma, the solemnity in honor of Saint Anthony, the feasts of chickpeas and donuts. A holiday in Goriano Sicoli is unforgettable emotion, moment of serenity, reliving the glories of the past of ancient Abruzzo. Thank you Gorizia citizens for having beautifully preserved your country, your traditions, customs and traditions; culture, splendor of Abruzzo further.