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Truffle cream is obtained by black truffle’s (Tuber aestivum) manufactoring and champignon mushrooms. This cream is a refined and palatable.



Black truffle’s and champignon mushroom’s taste are perfectly harmonized.

  • Cooking use: Appetizers, starters, main courses
  • Shelf-Life:  24 months
  • Conservation: Room temperature.
  • Packaging: 12 pieces- glass jar
  • Net weight: Classic 50-90-180-500-1000 gr / Gold 110-220 gr


  • % Cultivated mushrooms
  • % Sunflower seed oil
  • % Black summer truffle
  • % Black truffle's aroma
  • % Salt

Organoleptic characteristics

Color Various shades of brown and black
Taste Savoury, summer truffle
Appearance Granular cream

Nutritional values

Controlled parameters Results (test report 526/16) Unit of measure
Energy 473 Kcal/1981 Kj Kcal/100 g – Kjoule/100g
Total fats 46 g/100 g
– of which saturated 4.8 g/100 g
Carbohydrates 26 g/100 g
– of which sugars 14 g/100 g
Protein 2 g/100 g
Salt 1 g/100 g