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The precious ones the elegance of food


White truffle cream derive from the manufacturing of white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico). It’s picked from L’Aquila’s area and it’s produced without other ingredients which may hide its precious taste.



From olfactory analysis, we can perceive white truffles’ strong flavor and we can quite save its aroma. When you taste this product you can discover an excellent taste. This product doesn’t contain preservatives, free for coloring agents and gluten free.

  • Cooking use: Appetizers, starters, main courses
  • Shelf-Life:  24 months
  • Conservation: In cool dry place away from direct sunlight and warm surfaces.  Once open cover with oil and refrigerate
  • Packaging: 12 pieces- glass jar
  • Net weight: Classic 50-90-180-500 gr
    Gold 60-110 gr


  • % White truffle
  • % Sunflower seed oil
  • % Cultivated mushrooms
  • % White truffle's aroma
  • % Salt

Organoleptic characteristics

Color Various shades of brown and white
Taste Truffle
Appearance Cream

Nutritional values

Controlled parameters Results (test report 752/16) Unit of measure

552 Kcal/2310Kj

Kcal/100 g – Kjoule/100g
Total fats 57 g/100 g
– of which saturated  6.4 g/100 g
Carbohydrates 8 g/100 g
– of which sugars 0 g/100 g
Protein 3 g/100 g
Salt 1 g/100 g